More fun, more adventure
with Series 3.

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Pure perfection

With the Series 3, you have even more freedom as its predecessors:

With its "dual drive", you can choose whether you want to ride with a propeller or jet. This is not an "or" story but an "and" story. At any time you can choose.

The finish of the board offers numerous options. For example, you have a choice between Carbon Fibre or Fibreglass.

The ease of use can also count! This is certainly not a sport for only experienced surfers. Everyone from young to old can do it with a little initiation (recommended age from 16 years, with permission & presence of parents).

Are you a water baby and would like to test the Series 3?

Beginner or pro, young or old, it’s the perfect board for teaching family or sharing with friends.


Team carbon fibre

Made with our signature Italian Carbon Innegra, Fliteboard offers riders superior strength and lightness.

Team Fibreglass

Durable and high performance, at a more accessible price. The new fiberglass option comes in a premium matte finish.

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Dual drive

Flite Jet offers maximum safety when friends and family are Fliteboarding. When you want a prop, use Dual Drive to switch over in seconds.

Cruise control

Our patented Virtual Gears system lets you balance the board and not the trigger. From gentle cruising to eye-watering speed.

Convinced of the power of Series 3?
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